PYSA Upcoming Events

Soccer Skills Camp

PYSA introductory soccer skills camp $5/child/day starting July 15th from 5-6 p.m. at Gordon Nagle Field. Parents are free and more than welcome to participate. All proceeds benefit PYSA!

Camps will be every Tuesday and Friday in July from 5-6 p.m.

E-mail with any questions.

2016 Registration

Registration for the 2016 season will be held on April 13, April 28, May 11 and June 22 at Pottsville Middle School. Please be sure to bring a copy of player's birth certificate and a photograph.


Travel Team Tryouts

Wanted: Concession Stand Manger

PYSA is looking for a responsible adult to run our concession stand operations for the 2016 season. Please send your qualifications to



PYSA Board Meetings

7/14/16 @ 8 PM- Stadium

PYSA Club (coaches) Meetings

8/16/16 @ 8 PM - Stadium

9/20/16 @ 8 PM - Stadium

10/18/16 @ 8 PM - Stadium

Schuylkill County Coach's Meeting

8/2/16 @ 6 PM - Schuylkill Haven School


2016 Registration Newsletter

Click here if you have misplaced the newsletter from registration.

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Welcome to the Pottsville Youth Soccer Association

Congratulations to our Champions!

The Pottsville Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) is an independent charitable organization which exists to provide a healthy team sports experience for Pottsville area youth. PYSA provides a fall program with both in-house (ages 4-8) and County (ages 9-15) programs.

As an association we strive to foster fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-confidence, self-discipline, and competition. PYSA's goal is to encourage these values in our players, coaches, parents, referees, and volunteers. We hope to instill a lifetime enthusiasm for the sport of soccer and provide an overall safe and fun experience.

As we kick off the new fall season, please remember that all PYSA players, friends and family members who attend practices or games need to be good stewards of our field resources.

Please remember:

PYSA game fields, practice fields and/or building facilities, may not be used without the expressed written permission of the PYSA Board.

Smoking and/or alcohol are not permitted on PYSA grounds.

Please properly dispose of your trash. If you see liter left by others, please lend a hand and pick it up.

If a trash can is overflowing, please take your trash with you and dispose of elsewhere.

While we love pets, they are not allowed to come to PYSA sanctioned events. Please leave your pets at home.

Consider using refillable water bottles to reduce trash impact at fields (and mark that bottle with your name just in case).

Thanks and have a great season!

If there is information you are not seeing on this website, but would like to, please contact the Webmaster at

Game and Practice Cancellation

If a game needs to be cancelled due to weather the coaches will be contacted by PYSA General Manager.

Practice cancellation is at the coach's discretion.

Coaches will be contacted via PYSA email/text alerts ONLY for the 2013 season.

Advertising Opportunity!

Help support the Pottsville Youth Soccer Association by advertising your business on a 4' x 6' banner located at our soccer complex.

Please click here for a printable order form!





Thank you to the following for supporting PYSA:



Please leave your pets at home.

We love pets, but not on our fields. Pets are strictly prohibited at our complex. Children can be injured by "small, well-behaved pets on a leash." And animals can be injured by running children and soccer balls. We will enforce this prohibition.

Games will not be started or continued until animals are removed from the complex. Thanks for everyone's cooperation.

In case you'd like another reason for not bringing your pet to the soccer complex, please read this letter from a Seattle veterinarian (and soccer parent).

Please remember: Smoking and alcohol are not permitted in the PYSA complex.



Bob Weaver