Club History

1987 - Present

In 1987 the Pottsville Youth Soccer Club was formed. Some of it's founders were not only active in the beginning of youth soccer in Pottsville, but also on the County Board as well.
1987 brought approximately 125 players to our club and each year after we continued to grow. In 1988 we had approximately 240 players and 18 teams, and 1989 has 28 teams and 400 players. We continued to grow in this fashion until 1991, since then we have averaged between 550 and 625 players participating in 40 to 50 teams.
In the latter part of 1991 and into 1992 we took on an exciting project which is today Soldiers Field, or the Pottsville Youth Soccer fields. This 8.7 acre project encompasses three soccer fields and a parking area and won both a state and national "Clean Up America" Award. Between fund-raisers and solicitation of businesses for funds we were able to raise over $100,000 to fund the project. The above would not have been a reality without the help of Seider's Developers and the Pennsylvania National Guard. It was a win-win-win-win cause- a win for the environment- the community- the Pottsville Youth Soccer Association- and most of all for the youth.
The club has not only continued to expand on our physical complex, such as the addition of a concession stand and storage area, but also in starting an In-House program. The In-House program allows youth ages 4-8 the opportunity to learn the game sooner, as opposed to our earlier years.
It has been an exciting 26 years and there are too many people to thank for where we are today. We do know we will look toward the next 26 years and beyond with the same excitement.

Pottsville Youth Soccer Association Founding Members

  • R. Jay Zane
  • Bruce Billingham*
  • John Ventura*
  • Kate Fleming
  • Mary Ann Conway
  • Jeff Gliem
  • Vanco Georgevic
* Also County Board Founding Member