Our Champions

 2015 SCYSA Champions 

U-9 Boys Pottsville Team 402

U-11 Boys Pottsville Team 407

 2015 RBJSL Champions 

U-11 Boys Team Swagger

 2014 SCYSA Champions 

U-15 Girls Pottsville 416

U-13 Boys Pottsville 411

 2014 RBJSL Champions 

U-11 Girls Fireballs

 2013 SCYSA Champions 

U-15 Boys Pottsville 414

U-11 Boys Pottsville 404

U-9 Boys Pottsville 402

 2013 RBJSL Champions 

U-10 Pottsville Dynamite

U-9 Girls Fireballs

*Our MANY Championship teams prior to 2013 were not submitted to the website. Please email photos, with year and team number/age group to webmaster if you'd like them included.